Youth suicide | English homework help


Please choose a health topic that interests you and that you might operate as a health promotional program in the future or as part of this class. Using the Internet, find sources and review the current literature on this topic. Find 5 sources that are relevant to your topic¾the majority (4 sources) should be from peer-reviewed journals.

Some guiding questions to help your Internet search:

· How significant is this health condition?
 ·  What causes this condition?
 ·  What is this health condition linked to (genetic, behavior, or environment)?
 ·  Who is more affected by this health issue?
 ·  What is currently being done to address this condition nationally, statewide, and locally?
 ·  What health education programs are being done with the health condition topic?
 ·  In what innovative ways are researchers addressing your health issues?

The annotated bibliography should be prepared using APA (American Psychological Association) format and include a brief summary paragraph about each source below its entry, as shown in the examples below.