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APlease circle the correct choice.

1.      I think (there, their, they’re) son is the quarterback of the team.

2.      the storm didn’t have as much (affect,effect,) on our community as it did on others.

3.      He is much bigger (than.then.) I remember him being.

4.      the (principle, principal)of the school graduated with my sister.

5.      you have on choice but to (accept, except)this decision.

6.      when I got home, my parents had (already, all ready )left.

7.      Because the president will be in the building, the streets surrounding the (capital , capitol) will be closed.

8.      Did you win or (loose,lose)the game?

9.      she performed(good, well) on the balance beam.

10.  these colors(complement,compliment)each otherwell.

Part 4: Proofreading

What’s wrong with this passage? In this section, you’ll proof-

read a passage looking for grammar, punctuation, and spelling

errors. It may help to read the passage aloud, to more easily

determine any mistakes. You don’t need to tell us how many

corrections you make in each sentence.


One day him and i got up and decided to go to the

beach for the day.


One day




got up and decided to go to the

beach for the day.

There were three errors in this sentence.





. Make your corrections in the space provided beneath

each sentence


Most students do not like english class. They think its a waste


of there time and energy. Ain’t nobody likes to right papers



and take tests anyway? Me and you dont. My friend Johnny



now him know alot about this grammar stuff. I always am




asking he to help me, with my English homework.


Him is a


good friend. I now someday ill be good at this english

stuff. I

guess I just got to study hard. Maybe Johnny can help learn me.





Group 3: Narration and Persuasion (Choose only one topic)

1. In approximately 400–500 words, using narration and

persuasion techniques, state your goals for your career

upon graduation and persuade a potential employer of

your ability to perform in a particular position that you’re

applying for.

2. In approximately 400–500 words, using persuasive

(argument) techniques, persuade the reader to purchase

a hybrid car instead of a traditional automobile.