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Searching for a job online is good and bad, While most people believe searching for a job online is easy, the reality is a time consuming task. the companies are designing harder online test to check how good a prspect employee can fit. The good think is the accessibility, just matter to login and apply as much as possible, the bad think is the lack of human interaction. The companies can’t interact with their propect employees from the beginning, making the search more difficult. for a single position HR office can get at least 300 applications and details might be ignore form one application to another. 

Online applications are great but still need more work to be as efficient as they can be. 

– This is great as most company put or make a position as a salary and have to do all these task before they leave. Well over 40 hours trust me i see it every day. But this new law will balance the playing field and bring everyone in to a equal pay system. Will company’s find a way to work around it yes. Wail-Mart is a company that hires part time employees to avoid paying benefits. And no overtime.  You will be surprised that company’s in the last 12 months has increased employees base pay increased training and development for it employees. Also the bonus and comm. pay plans have changed. But the productivity levels have increased also in most companies.


Dear Dr. Director of Human Resources

In this little letter, I am going to explain what important that are benefits in any person and why I will chose that I am agree with the statement that says that organizations who offer benefits to married couples should offer the same benefits to domestic partners. The benefits should be offers for all kind of person, does not matter if it is to same-sex partners and heterosexual live-ins. The benefits are very important in any kind of person because through this we can have the opportunity to see how we are. There are many kind of benefits, such as, health, dental, vision. For example, the benefit of health is one of the most related elements for the advance of life in each human being. The value that health has for a person to lead a good quality of life is based on several aspects. I think that the company should offer the same benefits for both cases because everybody should have the same rights. I believe this because the domestic partner’s benefits should be the same for people with the both cases because the company cannot differentiate its workers from what they are. I think that for everybody the benefits are very important especially when we are working no matter what type of people we are.

Best Regards

Greter C. Medina Dominguez