“why facts don’t change our minds” discussion board


“Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds” Discussion Board

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Make sure to complete your course reading assignments and viewing assignments before attempting to complete this assignment. 

Did you read the Module 2: Overview

These instructions contain blue links to help you along. 

First, read this article titled “Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds.”

Then, summarize the article. Make sure this summary paragraph follows the MEAL Plan (Links to an external site.). Use signal phrases and in-text citations to cite the article in your summary. 

Then, be reflective and apply this article and its lessons to yourself. Think of two ways reading this article and applying it to your own habits can improve your life. Discuss two specific ways your life can be made better by using the knowledge presented in this article. 

Make sure to cite the article using in-text citations and a Works Cited page citation. 

Post your three-paragraph original post by the end of the day.