What’s in it for me? | Training and Development


Tim Trainer is asked to create a fun training environment. The business leader wants the employees to enjoy their working life and make sure that they feel fulfilled and rewarded at the after a training experience — the key to improved performance. In order to do so, Tim thought it was important to survey them and find out what a “fun” training is and to use this knowledge to develop a plan and implement an effective strategy. Unfortunately for Tim, the business leader chose to go on what he believed would create a fun and engaging training. He built a large training room with all the latest tech gadgets and cool ways of interacting with information, the training was held, but the performance didn’t improve. Tim then suggested that they go back to assess the situation and learn about the WIIFM for the employees and what delivering for application meant to them. 

It uncovered a quite different story, the employees wanted:

·  To feel valued and that they are recognized for a job well done.

·  To make a difference for others

·  To have the opportunity to learn and grow through education and experiences

·  To have good balance among their professional and personal responsibilities

·  To be included and to be able to be appreciated for diverse thought, and

·  At the end of the day, feel satisfied, fulfilled, and enjoy what they do.

After knowing what the WIIFM is for the employees what are your suggestions for Tim? Remember to use limitations of memory, cognitive overload and diminished learning when answering the “Why?” for the learner.