What does the author leave out (if anything)?


After reading the source, write an analytical essay in which you summarize the main points of the article (this should take about 2/3 of your essay) and then analyze/critique the source (about 1/3 of your essay).

Try to answer at least some of the following questions in your essay(don’t have to include all questions below)

Who is the author of your chosen source? 

What is the time period of the source and what is the topic? 

What might this article tell a researcher about the time period? What is he/she trying to say? 

What is his/her point of view? 

Does he/she make a convincing case? Why or why not? 

What does the author leave out (if anything)? 

Does the author exhibit a particular bias? 

Is there anything in this source that might be relevant to the world today?

Citations do not count as word amount

1000 words MINIMUM with a cover first page

Your essay should be double-spaced with #12 fonts and 1-inch margins.

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