Week three discussion a | English homework help

 For this discussion, take a look at the following reading:

George Orwell

Politics and the English Language

By Wednesday, respond to each of the following questions (at least 25 words each).  By Sunday, offer response posts to at least two classmates’ posts (at least 50 words each). 

1. What is the main purpose of writing this article? What is the historical impetus? What according to Orwell does “bad usage” lead to?

2. According to Orwell, how are images used in writing? (Also notice how does Orwell uses images in this article.)

3. Orwell offers a “modern translation” of  Ecclesiastes in this article. What is wrong with the modern translation? Provide ample examples.

4. Why is Orwell particularly interested in prose style? What might it mean to him?

5. What are the four main criticisms Orwell develops against modern writing? Provide an explanation and discuss the importance of each. How is each related to his professed aim in this article?

6. At the end of the day, what seems to be the most important thing to Orwell? How do you know? (Provide ample textual evidence.)

7. What is problematic about the use of the word ‘democracy’  during Orwell’s time? Elucidate. Is it still a problem?

8. Do some of the points and criticism made by Orwell overlap with what we have gone over in class? Explain.