Week 6-nov 21st to nob 27th stock market analysis and portfolio


At the end of each week from week 1 to week 6 (by Sunday at Midnight CST), you are expected to provide a discussion of why the stock market behaved as it did during the week(Nov 21st to Nov 27thth 2022)  and how your StockTrak portfolio performed under these market conditions. For each entry, you can write it like a two-part (paragraph) blog post: part one why the stock market behaved as it did during the week; and part two how your portfolio performed under these market conditions. 

Stoc Trak: Its a play trading tool where you buy stocks funds with Dummy Money.Intially each student will be given 1000000$ and need to trade weekly until the end of the semester.

My Portfolio This week:(Nov 21st to Nov 27thth 2022)

Please see attached document for My Portfolio This week.


Example: please see below example how one my classmate written on this assignment(How’s the market this week and how it effected his/her portfolio)-Please don’t copy paste but take it as reference


How did the stock market perform during the week?(November 21st to November 27Th)


Thanksgiving week made for a short week for the markets. Things were relatively quiet, however there were a few happenings to note. Lockdowns in China continue to cause concerns over supply issues for Apple, whose stock shares to decline. Initial results posted strong Thanksgiving and Black Friday retail sales, up over last year. Disney also had interesting news this week when they announced the return of CEO Bob Iger. Their stock prices responded favorably.  Next week will be an interesting one to watch as we head into a full first week of retail holiday sales.

The Dow closed up slightly at 1.57%, the S&P500 was down .09%, and Nasdaq closed down 1.90.  

This week I made several foreign trades. While I did research to help decide which stocks to buy, I tended to purchase a lot of different automobile manufacturers. I knew these brands and it will be interesting to see how they perform in the different global markets.

My top performers this week were:

My shares of VIHDD, Vision Energy Corp were up 28.78%, MSOX, Advisorshares Trust – AdvisorShares MSOS 2x Daily ETF continue to perform well, up 26.38%, my shares of UDPIX, ULTRA DOW 30 PROFUND were up 18.41%, my shares of HON, Honeywell International also continue to make my top five, up 17.76%, and to top out my top five, my shares of SBUX, Starbucks are up 17.03%.

My worst performers of the week were:

My QRTEB, Qurate Retail Inc – Ordinary Shares – Series B shares are down 28.86%, my TNYA, Tenaya Therapeutics Inc shares are down 23.56%, my PFIX, Simplify Exchange Traded Funds – Simplify Interest shares are down 23.09%, my TSLA, Tesla Inc shares are down 11.76% and my CWCO, Consolidated Water Co. Ltd.are down 11,12%.

The companies in our group project are: SRCL, Stericycle shares are up 15.08%, WM, Waste Management is up 5.09% and RSG, Republic Services is up 4.36%.

This week I need to continue to make a few more adjustments in an attempt to finish strong!