Week 3 case analysis (mkt6250 healthcare marketing)

 Week 3 Case Analysis         

 Download 9781284200171_CASE_The Concord Clinic and the Gang of Four.pdf

Read the attached case, the textbook chapters, and watch the videos to be able to analyze the case.

  1. How can the importance of the patient journey be presented to the skeptics?
  2. What value beyond promotion can be conveyed?
  3. Is there a role of engagement that can be presented within this discussion?


The Case Analysis must follow the following guidelines:

  1. You must give a quality analysis of the case based on the key terms  showing mastery, using clear logic, and supporting facts. Also, the  analysis must directly address the case using chapter readings and  research.
  2. Case Analyses test the understanding of key elements of Healthcare Marketing, therefore, they must be thoroughly addressed.
  3. You must use citations with references to document information  obtained from sources. The key elements and concepts of Healthcare  Marketing are found in the sources listed in the syllabus (it is your  duty to search for them, read, analyze, evaluate, summarize, paraphrase  in your answers, and cite the authors who wrote the articles, books,  term papers, memoirs, studies, etc. What it means is that you will have not less than 5 references from the listed sources.
  4. Grammatically correct paper, no typos, and must have obviously been proofread for logic.
  5. Avoid direct quotes, you must paraphrase and cite. If you direct  quote (two words or three words, mission statements, phrases, etc.) you  must include in your citation parenthesis page number or paragraph  number. When you direct quote Brand taglines, you must include the Brand  name in the citation parenthesis.
  6. Key terms or Questions must be typed out as headings, with follow-up  analysis or answers in paragraph format, and a summary or conclusion at  the end of the paper.

The Case Analysis must be in APA format