Week 1 handout | Human Resource Management homework help

Imagine you work for a successful company and have been asked to be a guest speaker for an entry-level organizational behavior course at a local college. The goal of your presentation is to help the college students gain a basic understanding of organizational behavior and be able to speak to its importance in an organization. 

Create a 350 to 700-word handout, such as a chart or a fact sheet, that you can give to students during your presentation. Make sure that it is visually interesting and clearing includes the three following requirements.

Address the following in your handout:  

1 – Define organizational behavior.  

2 – Describe how different components of organizational behavior are used within an organization.  

3 – Identify how the use of organizational behavior can lead to the success and failure of an organization. 

Cite two reputable references. Reputable references include trade or industry publications; government or agency websites; scholarly works; your textbook, Organizational Behavior in Health Care (4th ed.); or other sources of similar quality. 

Format your references according to APA guidelines

Submit your assignment.