Urgent paper for music appreciation

I need a 500 word personal music paper and a listening guide for the song in less than 3 hours. It’s really important. I know it is personal but you could just make something up. Here is what the teacher is requesting.


Personal Music Listening and Writing Assignment

Assignment:  You will be writing about a song that has personal meaning to you.  This song can be from any genre and can be any style of music.  You will use concepts learned thus far in class to the best of your ability in writing about the music. Discuss the music in terms of use of melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, form, tempo, lyrical content (if any) and the three domains of listening.

Some questions you could answer include: What is your personal connection to this piece of music?  What function does this song serve for you?  How does this piece of music compare to other types of music that you listen to?  How is it similar or different?  What does this music say about the culture that created it? 

The written assignment must be at least 500 words, double-spaced and typed.  You will also be asked to bring this piece of music into class to share with your peers.  While there are few limitations on the song that you choose, please don’t bring in a song with excessive profanity or strong sexual themes. 

You will also be required to turn in a listening guide to accompany your song.  This listening guide the reader through the different elements of the song.  


Here is and example of a listening guide:


Listening Guide Example 1 

YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 10 (song time) – descriptions IN YOUR LISTENING GUIDE

“Butterfly” by Weezer


0:00- Begins with Guitar and voice. First verse sung

0:14- Second Verse begins. First verse describes catching Butterfly, second the death

0:23-short bridge into chorus. “no more sighing in her breast

0:29-Chorus “I did what my body told me to…”. Continues to be just guitar and singer

0:55- Instrumental Interlude/Turnaround by Guitar

0:59- 3rd Verse. Addition of a bass drum kick

1:11: instrumental interlude

1:15: fourth verse with short bridge into chorus

1:30- return of the chorus with guitar and bass drum kick 

1:56- instrumental interlude with guitar strumming chords over bass drum kick

2:08- fifth verse “I told you I would return…” Direct quote from Madame Butterfly. This is proof that the song “butterfly” is about the death of madame butterfly and, in fact, the entire album Pinkerton is a concept album on Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.

2:21- 4 beat bridge into coda

2:25- Coda “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”