Unit 7 assignment (his101 world civilization)


Unit 7 Assignment

Attached Files:

Thesis Statement & 5 Sources for Empire Comparison 

To demonstrate your understanding of world civilizations, your final assignment will focus on the analysis of the rise and fall of empires/kingdoms throughout the time period in which we studied. For this part of the assignment, you will submit a thesis statement that will be the foundation for your Empire Comparison Assignment that will be submitted in Unit 8. You will also provide a list of 5 sources that you plan on using to write the assignment. See the file attached above for the specific directions and expectations used for grading this assignment and more information about the Empire Comparison Work.

As you begin to include evidence and research into your work, you will need to follow a citation method. APA format is a way for you to cite information. The most important thing to remember when including evidence in an this assignment or even a discussion board post is that you have to give credit to the source of that evidence.