Unit 7 assignment 1 – excel analysis



Marco shoe company would like to expand their shoe stores to other parts of the world. They currently operate in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, and Spain. The company is now looking to open one additional store in the upcoming year and would like to calculate the risk and decide on where to open the new store. The risk in each location is different. Here is the chart of each of the current last year’s income.

unit 7 assignment 1 image 1.JPG

The business analyst has evaluated the risk associated with opening another store in each country had has presented the probability of success for the next five years.

unit 7 assignment 1 image 2.JPG

Based on the information provided, create a table to show the potential profitability for each location for the next five years, then make your expansion selection. Please write a small summary of why this location was chosen for the expansion.

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