Unit 5: week 5 – chapter 10 review questions homework discussion

Unit 5: Week 5 – Chapter 10 Review Questions Homework



The following are the Discussion Questions found at the end of this chapter along with answers to those questions. Submit your answers to the appropriate DropBox.

1.   Why are long-term care providers subject to so much external control by government agencies?


2.   What is the difference between a law and a regulation?


3.   What is the difference between licensure and accreditation?


4.   What problems are identified (by providers) with government regulation of long-term care?


5.   How do the three usual quality measurement methods (process, structure, and outcomes) differ?


6.   Why are government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid so concerned with regulating cost?


7.   What other types of regulation (not specific to long-term care) apply to long-term care providers and their employees?


8.   What groups of long-term care practitioners are subjected to specific controls, such as licensure?


9.   What are the most common accreditation agencies, and what provider organizations do they accredit?