Unit 4 as: executive summary in liveplan

Write the Executive Summary of Your Business Plan in LivePlan. Now that you have selected your business idea and have formulated your value proposition, you are ready to begin writing your business plan. For this assignment, you will write your Executive Summary in LivePlan. Typically, the Executive Summary is written after the rest of the business plan is complete (since it’s a summary of your entire plan) but for this course, you will write it first. This will allow your instructor to review your business idea. Of course, you should review and update your executive summary during the following weeks before you submit your final business plan at the end of this course. 

The question you should ask yourself when determining what should be in the Executive Summary is “Would knowing this information impact whether the investor chooses to invest or not?” If the answer is yes, most likely it should be included in the Executive Summary. Remember, the investor/lender will read the Executive Summary first, so it must be well-written and contain all pertinent information to entice them to read further. 

When you are ready to begin writing, go to LivePlan and follow the attached instructions.