Two part english assignment. intro and thesis due by deadline

I would like a thesis statement in 2hrs and a completed paper by Saturday.  $3 for intro/thesis and 15 for finish paper.

Topic: Maya Angelou’s “Champion of the World,” p. 104, or George Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant,” p. 619

How do these perceptions show us the other side of stereotypes and prejudices? What are the issues that these essays can be used to explain or depict?

This essay should be about the issue and your stance on it, not the essays themselves. You are writing an academic paper on the issue to further your knowledge and the reader’s knowledge. You must assert your perspective and the reasons for your stance. Choose your topic and write your introduction with the problem and your solution in your thesis. Put the thesis in bold. Develop the points you make in this essay with examples from the essays you are using as your sources.Cite them with in-text citations and an end citation.


A minimum of 1000 words is expected for this essay. This does not include the write-up of the revision notes.