Transition paper on change theories

For the transition paper I would like for each of you to chose one of the below change theories.

1. incorporate a change theory from the list provided in your. This means to write about how you can apply the chosen change theory to the process of transition to professional nurse.

2. Explain the transition process from associates to professional level BSN, MSN(track specific to your future goals)

3. Explain the importance of a nurse pursing a terminal degree, or lack thereof (up to you). 

4. Use your text as reference. The chapters for the weeks discuss transition and you are to reference your text. (chapter 15 Managing Change in professional nursing practice concepts and perspectives  7th edition by blais)


Have fun with the assignment. Please limit to two pages. APA FORMAT  Great thoughts should be synthesized to keep reader (in this case me) engaged. 

REFERENCE, REFERENCE, REFERENCE–Do not plagiarize. This will result in ZERO points.


1. Kurt Lewin

2. Brien Palmer

3. DeWeaver and Gillespies

4. Timothy Galpin’s Human side of change

5.John Kotter’s heart of change

6.James Prochaska’s Transtheoretical change model


Thank you all and have a great weekend.