Topic: poundstretcher business proposal | Education homework help

 Please construct a business proposal for Poundstretcher discount store company from the perspective of an external Learning, Development and Knowledge Management’ consultant. Use the following structure below to format your proposal. APA style must be used. The proposal must be typed in 12-point Ariel font, and be double-spaced. Minimum word count 1450 words. – Introduction (5% of the mark) • Background information on company • Store history • What they are best known for – Outline of the current Situation at Poundstretcher from a Learning and Development and Knowledge Management perspective (20% of the mark) • Decreasing sales • Lack of staff • Stores need makeover and to be uniformed throughout the country • Theft by shoplifters and employees • Lack of communication between owners and management • Misappropriation of stock to store (autonomy for managers to order what they need) Conclusion (5% of the mark)