Tlaw603 written case analysis | Accounting homework help

 CASE TOPIC: United Aircraft Corporation v FCT (1943) 68 CLR 52 

Criteria:  Written Case Analysis 

Maximum Mark: 25%

Criteria 1: 10%

  • Clear and concise statement of the relevant facts and legal issue(s) in the case
  • Demonstrated links to appropriate readings

Criteria 2: 10%

  • Clear and concise expression of own ideas about the case using appropriate legal language that is free of error
  • Careful organisation so that ideas develop logically through the presentation
  • Thoughtful analysis of the judgement(s)

Criteria 3: 5%

  • Appropriate use of primary and secondary legal sources.
  • Thoroughness of research and preparation as evident in the written report.
  • Management of own workload to meet presentation deadline (self-assessment: to self-check your effective management of time to cope with university workloads and deadlines).