The incident process | Computer Science homework help


For this assignment, you will be creating a ten-slide PowerPoint presentation on the nine steps required for properly documenting an incident. The first 9 slides of your presentation will cover each step of the incident reporting process and will provide a detailed description of each step. The final slide of your presentation will be a summary of the incident reporting process and why it is important to follow all 9 steps in sequential order. You should also provide an example/scenario of the incident reporting process in action.

Note: If more slides are needed for the summary, your presentation can be longer than 10 slides, but the PowerPoint should be no longer than 15 slides. 

The figure shows typical steps is an incident process. The nine steps are Receiving, Validating, Logging, Screening, Prioritizing, Assigning, Escalating, Resolving, Closing. In Receiving, an incident is reported. In Validating, an incident is verified as valid for the help desk to address. In Logging, the ticket enters into an incident application. In Screening, symptoms are determined. In Prioritizing, importance of incident is determined. In Assigning, help desk technician handles or escalates incidents. Escalating, refers to higher-level tier. In Resolving, help desk technician resolves the problem. In Closing, technicians close the resolved incident, which includes logging resolution and changing ticket status.