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Our flawlessly scripted term papers will ensure you get a perfect grade. Confidentiality and anonymity are never a gamble with us. Rest easy knowing there are no risks while working with us.

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We at TheEssayHive offer you access to a pool of excellent writers who will provide all the term paper writing help you may need. They are rated depending on previous customer reviews and their pricing. It is possible to get to know the track record of any writer in detail before you hire them.

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Any deadline-Any subject

We are capable of conquering tasks in any discipline. Once you place your order and give a deadline, relax and wait to receive your paper in time.

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Transparency is important to us. We give you access to all information you may need about your writers such as ratings, number of completed orders, and customer feedback.

Email and SMS notifications

We ensure that you get to know about any updates of the ordering process at all times through emails or messages.

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We verify that all assignments are 100% free of plagiarism to ensure we supply original content only to our clients.

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You can have round-the-clock communication with your writer to discuss any assignment details or edit requests

Affordable prices

Our prices are the fairest in the industry yet, with the cost per page going as low as $7.

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Choose a personal writer

Once you select your preferred term paper author, you can work with constantly even on other term papers. Think of it as having selected a personal tutor!

Round-the-clock support

We offer our customers all-time communication through diverse means such as phone, live chat, email, etc.

100% Plagiarism-Free

We will assist in writing your term paper assignment only by producing original work. We have employed a team of editors who verify that all articles are grammatically correct and are one of a kind.

Full anonymity and security

We do not require you to provide us with any personal information during the sign-up process. For you to get access to our assortment of world-class services, you only need to register with an email address.

Professional Term paper Writers

We have a myriad of expert writers. They range from master’s and Ph.D. level graduates to university professors. We have a customer return rate of above 80%! We can assure you that your assignment will earn you an A+ irrespective of the subject. Select a writer with extensive experience in the field you intend to write on from our accomplished writers, give them samples of your previous work and they will write a paper in your style!!

All papers we produce are one of a kind. Your writer of choice will conduct rigorous research into your subject to bring novel ideas to your article. If you’d like insights on the thoughts of previous clients on your writer, check out the customer feedback section.

In summary;

  • Select a term paper writer with vast experience in your topic of discussion.
  • Supply them with samples of your previous work so they can mimic your writing style.
  • Your preferred expert will research your subject scrupulously and bring you fresh ideas
  • Should you like more insight on the customer satisfaction of your writer, you can easily familiarize yourself with that in the feedback section.

Benefits from TheEssayHive Term Paper Writing Service

All papers are triple-checked

Our network of highly decorated editors will ensure that your order is free of grammatical and logical errors. That, coupled with our scrutiny with plagiarism achieved by examining essays on a variety of software ensures that only original content reaches our clients.

Certified ENL Writers

All writers within our team are professionals holding master’s or Ph.D. degrees. With the services offered by our writers, you will get better grades without doubt and consequently develop your skills in academic writing.

Online chat

Our clients can continually talk to their writers through online chats. Feel free to ask the writer to revise the paper or implement any additional ideas you may have.

Unlimited revisions

We at Theessayhive have developed and maintained a culture of sending drafts to our clients continually. Communicate your thoughts on the drafts to your preferred writer and achieve perfection in your order. You may request as many revisions as you wish until the essay satisfies you.

Write My Term Paper- Most commonly asked questions

Here’s any information you might need before ordering your term paper from us.

Will TheEssayHive help me write my term paper?

The quality of our work is evident in customer feedback. Most of our clients are grateful for the work we do for them. We limit our team to only the finest to ensure the help you get is exceptional and within your set timelines. We are collaborators in the journey of term paper writing and you can request any assistance you may need.

Can I add references to my paper?

It is our norm to ask for all information regarding a paper from our clients right from the beginning. Communication stays open, however, just in case you forgot something. Note that introducing new material and instructions may influence the cost of your paper. However, if this addition is a result of our writer not being keen on your order, there will be no supplementary charges.

How do is choose a professional term paper writer?

The first step to picking a writer that fits your requirements is to go through the writers’ profiles. We give our clients access to information such as client feedback, rate of job completion and number of completed orders, and the writer’s field of specialization. We also tell you the types of essays that each writer may assist you in.

Can you reference all my sources in MLA format?

Of course! The only answer to that question is a resounding yes. Be it a high school, college, or university essay, our writers can deliver it and in the format, you have specified. While placing your order, make sure to mention your preferred formatting style and we will deliver.

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Custom term paper writing service from Theessayhive

The prime perks of Theessayhive’s term paper writing service package are;

  • Personalized orders: with Theessayhive, you get papers written to your specifications and in your own writing style.
  • Students get access to an array of expert writers.
  • We work with flexible deadlines from 6hours to 2 weeks.

With Theessayhive, you get to pay per page. Some of the metrics used in coming up with your price per page are deadlines and type of service: writing, editing, re-writing. For instance, you may get a charge of $11 per page for a 5-day deadline and $12 per page for a 3-day deadline. We also have amazing offers for our customers both new and returning customers. You get discounts and bonuses on our site to enhance your ‘essay shopping’ experience. We offer flexible discounts that sometimes vary in accordance with the number of pages you order. We give a special provision of paying per percentage completion for clients who want to withdraw their order.

How to differ Research paper and term paper

A term paper and a research paper analogous but they have a few discrepancies such as the fact that a term paper is assigned at the end of your semester and contributes to your final grade. This affirms the need to take these papers seriously and take time to allow your ideas to mature.

Here are a few points that may help you tell these papers apart;

Research paper

  1. Conventionally, a research paper comprises five paragraphs and that encompass a hypothesis that is justified throughout the paper.
  2. Research paper assignments may be issued regardless of the time of the year.
  3. A research paper is hut task that requires days to weeks to write.
  4. In most institutions, they are limited to 10 pages.
  5. Unlike term papers, they do not take up a significant percentage of your grade. The percentage of your grade influenced by a research paper is more often than not decided by your professor.
  6. The reason for writing an academic paper in most cases is to demonstrate your comprehension of a certain subject by conducting research and developing a hypothesis of your own.

Term paper

  1. It has a structure similar to that of a research paper but it has much more detail.
  2. They are frequently regarded as the final task of a semester.
  3. Specific topics are the choice of the student and the only limitation is that the topic has to be within the scope of that class.
  4. The writing metrics are determined by the professor. For instance, the requirement may be to write 5 pages of summarized information or you may have the freedom to dissect the topic as you please.
  5. This paper is aimed at showing a student’s prowess in a certain subject from the knowledge gained in class and affirming that a student has studied enough to prove that they can study the topic independently should they please.

Paper services

Term papers and research papers are analogous in some ways. We offer both of these services at the request of our clients. Theessayhive is a holistic writing service that offers all kinds of academic writing assistance, such as term paper writing and dissertation writing.


Who will write my term paper?

A proper school-life balance is not always easy to achieve. This is especially difficult if you’re trying to juggle school and a career. We however offer to alleviate this stress by handling your assignments since they take up so much time, and allow you to focus on other issues.

In most instances, one of the most time-consuming aspects of coursework is looking for reliable sources of information for your assignments. These sources may be books in the library or academic journals available on the internet. In most cases, strict citation criteria are also given. Our essay writers will meticulously source information about your subject from the most reliable sources. Theessayhive ensures that all students who come to us succeed. By coming to us, you can order a term paper on whichever topic and you will have it in your hands in a few hours.

How to pay for a term paper writing service?

It is our policy that orders cannot be made before issuing a deposit. The moment your paper is complete, we will notify you and you will then disburse the full payment in order to receive their custom paper. Our payments are only made through trusted partners to ensure our clients’ safety and privacy. Some of the payment methods we accept are Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Paypal. All information regarding the payment and the user is encrypted with SSL encryption technology.