Technology, ethics and society paper

Each student is free to choose the paper subject they like to investigate. Students in this course come from many departments, thus subjects that are closely or remotely related to a student’s major are acceptable but the selected subjects must have a relationship with the course’s three themes: ethics, technology, and society. Students may wish to address in their paper a case/problem of interest or work on a subject that has intrigued them but is not necessarily related to their major. Major is Economics.

Students may collect the information and materials pertaining to their chosen subject from any of the following sources (in no specific order): the Internet, technical publications, professional journals, magazines, textbooks, movies, documentaries, and all other credible sources including interviews with knowledgeable individuals. Students are required to cite in their report all the sources they used in their research. APA citation is necessary. If you don’t know APA see link below assignment or use endnote. You must use in text citation when citing work that is not yours.

The paper should be equivalent to at least 5 pages of text (not including your cover, abstract [if you do one], or references). Do NOT add pictures, tables, graphs, charts, figures, and any other supplementing materials. Make sure to submit this through blackboard in word format.