T06 cybersecurity exam 8 | Computer Science homework help


The establishment of an accreditation of forensic methodologies and examiners is expected to:





A. include both true experts and self-proclaimed experts.



B. include only investigators, not forensic programmers.



C. increase the likelihood of successful evidentiary challenges.



D. increase awareness and extend professionalism.





A __________ is software that captures every action undertaken by an individual user of a suspect machine.





A. Spy Pro



B. Keylogger



C. Wire Recorder



D. Data Watcher





What do existing forfeiture statutes mandate?





A. All assets of a legitimate business facilitating laundering of money obtained in an illegal enterprise cannot be seized.



B. Legitimate money, seized with illegal money, will be returned after deducting a fine.



C. Legitimate revenue if combined with laundered funds can be seized.



D. Legitimate revenue cannot be seized under any circumstances




Which of the following is true of remote data storage?





A. Search warrants for any location of remote data are likely to be ruled constitutional.



B. Remote data storage aids law enforcement authorities in obtaining incriminating information.



C. The practice of data stripping impedes the efforts of law enforcement agencies.



D. The lack of physicality facilitates the identification of the prevailing legal authority.




The three operational modes of a model law enforcement agency are incident response, __________ management, and prevention





A. event



B. crisis



C. data



D. emergency





Which of the following is considered one of the limitations of data mining as a popular analysis tool?





A. Data mining is incapable of revealing patterns.



B. Data mining’s tools of analysis are limited to statistical models, mathematical algorithms, and artificial intelligence.



C. Data mining is employed to enhance services, not analyze intelligence and identify terrorists.



D. Data mining doesn’t identify causal relationships or strength of connections





Which of the following statements is true of data mining?





A. Data quality is enhanced by the presence of duplicate records.



B. Data mining easily differentiates between good and bad data sources.



C. Data mining readily identifies causal relationships or depth and strength of connections.



D. Privacy advocates argue that data mining violates various Constitutional rights.





Legislatures struggling with issues of state sovereignty must ensure that the federal government takes the role of:





A. mediator, not dictator.



B. dictator, not mediator.



C. both mediator and dictator.



D. either mediator or dictator.





Legislation that mandates accountability of __________ servers should be developed to reduce the number of DOS attacks.



















Technology has made information __________, thus exponentially increasing its value.





A. illegal



B. obsolete



C. actionable



D. important



Which of the following statements is considered true regarding the development of computer-specific legislation?





A. It should ensure uniformity in application and interpretation within a selected jurisdiction.



B. It must be applicable to traditional problems, not to advanced technology.



C. It must be applicable to tomorrow’s technology, not to traditional problems.



D. It should ensure uniformity in application and interpretation irrespective of jurisdictional climate





Which of the following is true regarding the application of wireless communications?





A. It provides a mechanism for phone location, but not data on the cell site.



B. It presents difficulty in determining jurisdictional boundaries.



C. FCC regulations discourage service providers from locating phones.



D. The Supreme Court recognizes the concept of privacy in wireless communications.





Which of the following practices can be employed to enhance the effectiveness of data mining?





A. Standardization of data appearance



B. Inclusion of duplicate records



C. Insertion of anomalous data points



D. Retention of compromised data fields







Which of the following is true of establishing accountability for Internet users?





A. Confidentiality should be provided for legitimate users.



B. Anonymity should be given to users who seek it.



C. The expectation of privacy in private activities never conflicts with law enforcement interests.



D. The development of enforcement-friendly legislation is an uncomplicated task.





Internet downloads, Bluetooth wireless connection, and __________ are the ways by which cell phone viruses are spread via smart phones with connection and data capabilities





A. multimedia answering



B. browsers



C. email



D. Facebook





Which of the following is true about the standard of accreditation of computer forensics?





A. The standard does not require a universal acceptance.



B. The standard does not require a mechanism for empirical testing and debate.



C. The standard requires a rigorous testing by all experts in the field.



D. The standard would increase Daubert/Frye challenges to the recovery of digital evidence.





“Know your customer” statutes should require businesses to know the customers:





A. and assure their identity.



B. but not assure their identity.



C. and assure their identity only when required.



D. without necessarily maintaining transparency.





What is the primary reason for the lack of nomenclature that has hindered the investigation and prosecution of computer-related crime?





A. The emergence of wireless technology



B. The vast number of viruses and worms unleashed upon the Internet



C. The reluctance of the Supreme Court to interpret emerging laws



D. The huge increase in seemingly average individuals who are willing to become first-time criminals





A __________ is a request for assistance from one country’s judicial authority to that of another country.





A. interrogatory



B. Ex Post Facto notice



C. letter rogatory



D. extradition





The inclusion of true experts in the development of expertise in forensic methodologies and examiners would result in:





A. increased likelihood of successful evidentiary challenges.



B. more professionalism in computer investigations.



C. decreased awareness among the community.



D. greater utilization of unrecognized methodologies.