Supreme court summary (greg) | Criminal homework help


any  United States Supreme Court case that involves an interpretation of the  Constitution – this encompasses most of the cases that come before the  Supreme Court. However, please choose a case that was heard by the  Supreme Court from 2009 to the present. Again, please do not choose a  case that is older than 2009. This will help ensure that you are writing  your summary on current, relevant case law. 

– Who is involved in the case?

– How  has the case moved through the legal system (who filed it, in what  court? What appellate court heard it? How did it get to the Supreme  Court?)?

– What was the issue in the case?

– What did the Court decide? (note that the US Supreme Court is called “Court”, not “court” and not “SCOTUS”)

– What was the Court’s analysis (WHY did they decide as they did)?


Did any Justices dissent, and if so, what did they have to say?

– What is the impact of this case?

If you can’t find a good case,  search on Nexis Uni or OYEZ you should be able to find something.