Stars air ambulance: an information systems challenge

Course Presentations STARS: The course project/presentation is a culmination of the learning objectives from all the lessons. I hope that you will enjoy the project and have fun, while demonstrating the application of the concepts of cyber security we have attempted to teach you in the few short weeks we have been together. Using the assigned STAR Case study. Your groups will use the questions below to guide your briefing to the CEO of the corporation on how we should handle The vision that the CEO has for the future of the company Creativity is encouraged and questions are welcomed. In Your group there will be several roles that will need to be played and address the crisis from a different perspective. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Role: The CISO must be prepared to brief the CEO on the technical security aspects of the crisis. Be prepared to explain what happened, what is the best course of action, and why. What are the security considerations for the future of STARS and what are some of the unseen Threats, Vulnerabilities and Impacts that might be experienced? The Chief Information Officer (CIO) Role: The CIO will be prepared to address all of the upgrades and future from a managerial and organizational perspective. What are the impacts to our business operations from these upgrades? What is the impact on the Business MISSION? The Public Affairs Officers (PAO) Role: Be prepared to address the public and the company stakeholders on what is going on with the future of the company. What risks and rewards may be involved. 

The In-Class Project 

Each group will have 30 minutes to present its requirements to the CEO. Each group should ensure that confidentiality, integrity, and availability are incorporated in your presentations as well as other prominent concepts from the course. Each member of the team must have a speaking part. Grading Criteria Grades for each group and individual will be based upon: Presentation of a comprehensive strategy for ensuring the security of the information infrastructure Demonstrated quality of critical analysis and demonstration of the appropriate concepts from the course Explanations of the strengths of the proposed strategy and possible risks or weaknesses of the strategy Individual speaking and briefing style Energy, passion, and commitment to the proposed strategy.