Spreadsheet | Computer Science homework help

For this project, pretend you’re going to go on a trip to visit three places. You should have estimated costs for transportation, hotels, and meals.

Create a spreadsheet to calculate the total costs for each item, total cost, and percent of the total used for each item.  Be sure to label columns and rows so it is clear what is in your spreadsheet.  Also, type in your formulas and use functions to do your calculations.

Armed with that information, write a letter to a long lost rich uncle to see if he will fund this much needed trip.  The letter should be properly formatted with the date, salutation, and signature.  There should be a bulleted list in the letter and also a table which summarizes the costs.  

You should also create a slideshow presentation to go along with the letter to the uncle explaining the trip plans and the benefits of this trip.  The presentation should include images and at least one bullet list.  Slide transitions should also be included.  Don’t forget about all that you have learned.  For instance, you could create a graph or chart and copy and paste it into your presentation if that would benefit your presentation.  

The trip could be for pleasure or a business venture and in any era past, present, or future. It’s up to you to decide that part of the scenario – be creative and have fun!

For your submission, zip together the three files, the spreadsheet, the letter, and the presentation, into a file entitled YourLastNameWeek8.zip.  Upload this file into the assignment area.



Grading Criteria Assignments Maximum Points
Create a spreadsheet with data and properly noted columns and rows 20
Use formulas and functions in a spreadsheet to calculate totals and % of total 10
Create a letter with date, salutation, and signature 20
Use a bullet list and table in a letter     10
Create a presentation with text and images 20
Use a bullet list and slide transitions in a presentation 10
Submit a zip file which is properly named 10
Total 100