Speech preparation reflection due midnight 12am!!

Write a 700- to 1,050 word reflection on speech preparation related to the following topics (you may use the questions provided to guide your response):

  • Presentation methods
  • What are the differences between the four methods for delivering oral presentations?
  • When would it be appropriate to use each presentation method?
  • Informative presentations
  • What is an informative presentation?
  • What are the differences between speeches of description, explanation, and demonstration? How does each differ in organization and content?
  • Audience analysis
  • Why is it important to consider your audience when creating a presentation?
  • How does knowing your audience determine the way you deliver a presentation on a selected topic?
  • Speech preparation
  • What is the value in preparing for your speech or presentation by considering how you will present, the type of presentation, and your audience?

Format your reflection consistent with APA guidelines.

1. Use a correctly formatted cover sheet.  See the example posted in Class Messages.

2. Put the paper’s title on p. 2.

3. Double space the entire paper, and indent paragraphs.

4. Do not use contractions.  Write out the words (it is, I am, did not, cannot, and so forth).

5. Do not write to “you” in an academic paper.  Use third person words such as one, oneself, the speaker, a person, an individual, society, and so on