Special education law | Law homework help

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Subject: Law

Number of words: 550

Number of sources: 3

Focus Paper:  Special Education Law

Consider the variety of special education law topics. Select an area of particular interest

to you and use the Outline described below. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length,

with 1-inch margins, 1.5-2 line spacing, and 11-12-point Times Roman or Calibri font.

Use APA format to cite at least 3 scholarly articles.

The paper must include the following:

1. Abstract- Prepare a concise summary of the key points of your research no more

than one paragraph in length must. It must precede the body of the paper.

2. Introduction- Provide a brief overview of the purpose and content of your paper in 2-

3 paragraphs.

3. Definition of Issue – Describe the specific area of special education law you are

going to discuss in this paper.

4. History – Provide a history of the issue you selected.  Include a review of case law (a

minimum of 3 In text citations need to be written in APA format).  

5. Current Status – Describe the current status of the issue you selected.  How is this

issue being implemented today? Include a minimum of three examples.

6. Personal Impact – Explain how this specific issue impacts you and your work as a

special educator.  Be specific and provide examples.

7. Conclusion- Provide a summary of the paper

8. References- At least three references (scholarly articles) are to be credited in the

paper and also are contained in the References at the end of the paper

according to APA format