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 this is the follow up assignment for the attached solution document .

The Research Plan

Now that your team has crafted a Strategic Integration Plan, it’s time to test your solution. To examine your solution’s potential beyond a specific industry, your team will create a research plan that prepares you to test your solution by considering its usefulness beyond the original context you were given.

When you chose your team problem at the beginning of this course, you were provided with a hypothetical organization to use as context for solving the problem. However, not all organizations you will work for in the future will narrowly fit into one organization or industry. Work through the following steps to draft your research plan.

  1. Identify two other industries or types of business likely to be affected by your team’s problem. Support your choices with research (cited in APA format).
  2. What strengths and weaknesses does a broader context provide to your proposed Strategic Integration Plan?
  3. Does context dramatically alter your overall strategy or detailed implementation plan?

Testing the Solution

After you’ve gained an understanding of the broader context, test out your plan by considering the questions below. You will address the questions by problem area of effect. You may also add one to two further questions of your own, based on your team’s work so far.

How can your organization, a large car manufacturing company, implement a strategic plan to virtuously engage with emerging technologies without increasing employee inequity?

  • Does your plan include detailed instructions, such as how to upskill management, employees, and clients and customers (if appropriate) in technology integration? Does your plan address your organization’s corporate social responsibility? What areas of concern with your emerging technology must be addressed for your solution to be successful?

How can your organization, a major player in healthcare and fitness technology, implement a strategic plan to address privacy concerns? 

  • Does your plan include the identification of emerging technologies that collect, share, and analyze patient, client, and employee data within the health industry? Does your plan include specific policies governing the use of these technologies to ensure individual privacy? Does your plan include specific suggestions as to how to achieve compliance with these policies? 

How can your organization, a large investment bank, implement a strategic plan to build customer trust between technology and financial transactions?

  • Does your plan include the identification of emerging technologies within the finance industry that erode trust in financial transactions? Does your plan address trust issues specific to the use of blockchain technology? Does your plan include detailed policies and governance practices that would instill greater confidence in the technology without limiting the use of these technologies?

Address how your plan addresses the above questions with actionable solutions.

The Results

Testing the solution will yield results. In this course, the results of your test will show the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed solutions. What you learn from testing your proposed solutions in this step will help you identify, revise, and clarify which of your proposed solutions, or combination thereof, to use as your final solution.



Instructions for Deliverable

  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. You can learn more about the specific skills being assessed by reviewing the links in Problem-Based Learning Resources(new tab).
  2. Review the problem and the resources available on the Problem Overview(new tab) page.
  3. As a team, determine how you will present insights from your research plan and your test results.
  4. Analyze your Strategic Integration Plan for any weaknesses: Does it provide the solution(s) needed? Make recommendations for improving the solutions(s) within the plan to better address a broader context of your emerging technology problem.
  5. Present the results of your test as organized information. Provide a brief summary of the action steps needed to strengthen your solution. Clearly indicate team members’ contributions.
  6. One person from the team must submit the deliverable per the schedule outlined in your Team PBL Plan but no later than the end of Workshop Five.