Socratic method | Education homework help

 reviewing the Socratic Method lesson by Rick Garlikov and answer the questions:

150 words for each answer


  1. Provide an Introduction, defining the Socratic Method and why it is a useful strategy and explain the Socratic philosophy that supports it.
  2. Select a grade and topic. Reference a common core standard as applicable.
  3. State your learning outcome- what is the knowledge your student will take away from the process.
  4. Compose a list of questions with possible student replies and ensure each question follows the previous one, incrementally.
  5. Ensure your topic and engagement is developmentally appropriate, logically leading, with an authentic hook to begin and the last question is aligned with your learning outcome so the student truly does now communicate this understanding.  
  6. Add if you were able to apply this lesson and how it went for you. How would you change it to work better for your students?