Sociology research paper (jamaica) | Social Science homework help

Research Paper

Pick country in one of the regions of the Third World (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean or the Middle East) and respond to each of these points as it relates to the country selected.

The country selected cannot be from your country of origin.

  • Ethnic-Cultural divisions
  • Urbanization (employment, housing, and crime)
  • Economic Growth/Underdevelopment
  • Political Underdevelopment
  • Ways to improve current practices within the country. Identify obstacles and how they can be overcome.


The following will be required of your submission:

  • a title page with your name, course and section number
  • margins in the body of the paper of only one inch on all sides
  • double-spacing between lines in text
  • single-spacing between lines in indented quoted passages with an 8 or 9 point font
  • only one double-spacing between paragraphs
  • quotation marks around verbatim passages – otherwise this is plagiarism and you will receive a zero on this assignment
  • a title drawn from the syllabus using the exact wording
  • text font that is 12 point
  • no citations from encyclopedias, dictionaries, Wikipedia or course textbooks
  • no first person references
  • at least seven pages of text (this does not include a title, abscract or works cited/reference
  • a works cited page at the end with properly cited references

Please do not include a table of contents and note that pictures, charts and graphs do not count as text.  I require the use of the American Psychological Association (or APA) style, so please see the sample paper I have included for you in Instructor Insights.  Keep in mind that the more primary sources you use in your research, the stronger your argument tends to be, but I still expect to see at least seven sources used, only four of which may be Internet. Other sources can be journals, magazine or newspaper articles  See the list at the end of this syllabus for ideas but I will not accept internet sites as a source unless you indicate the specific article, book, etc. you used at the site in question.  Simply listing a URL address is unacceptable.

Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero so review the University’s Rules of Student Conduct concerning this. A score of 25% or more is a high risk of a grade of zero for sources not properly documented. For internet sources, please indicate the specific journal, article, or book and do not use Wikipedia.  The majority of your paper must be written in your own words and not cut and pasted from the Internet.


1738 Words

7 Sources

APA Format