Sociology of the family | Social Science homework help

The Paper:

Papers must be handed into me in person on the assigned date.  Any other arrangements must be made with me at least one week prior to its due date. DO NOT E-mail papers to me.

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APA format for footnotes and Works Cited page as appropriate.

Please remember when citing a source, primary and secondary sources should be included as appropriate.

The paper should include your own thoughts or opinions that are supported by the literature. In short, I do not simply want a review of the literature nor do I want you to say something, “I am in disagreement with the literature because my experience has been different.”

– Refer to attached outline


1. Some critics believe that the family as an institution is dying, while others within the field of sociology believe that it is evolving to face current social changes. The 1950s was a time period when the family was seen at its ideal state: a nuclear, white, middle class, suburban family.

Begin your paper by discussing this 1950 family, specifically how it got to be in its ideal state and how this ideal was reinforced in American culture at the time.

Next describe the changes in the family each decade after the 1950s until the 21st century and how these changes were influenced by and influenced social changes of that decade.


Finally, using class material as well as material from other sources, discuss what the millennial family is currently like and how this reflects contemporary society.