Sociological theories | Education homework help

 Purpose of Assignment: Why read and learn about these sociological theories if we can’t use them or see them in contemporary society. This assignment is designed for you to implement/apply these theories to a social institution found in current society. Another purpose of this assignment is critical thinking. This assignment is designed for you to put on your thinking cap and do some good old fashioned critical thinking. It is important that you walk away from this term knowing what the big 3 theories are and how to apply them to society. Instructions: You will be applying functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism to a social institution found in contemporary society. What do I mean? This paper must mention a social institution of some sort: a government agency, a health institution, an educational institution, a law institution or even the institution of marriage or religion could be possibilities for you. This may be more difficult than you think, you will need to get creative and do some critical thinking in your application of each theory/concept to that particular institution. Please refer to the critical thinking paper #2 rubric for a more detailed desсrіption & format, below is a vague outline. Introduction: Warm me up to the paper. That is, I should know what your paper is about after I read your introduction (3 points). Summarize/tell me about your chosen social institution (3 points) Summarize functionalism (3 points) Apply functionalism to your social institution (4 points) Summarize conflict theory (3 points) Apply conflict theory to your social institution (4 points) Summarize symbolic interactionism (3 points) Apply symbolic interactionism to your social institution (4 points) Conclusion (3 points) Format: Use APA formatting. I want the paper double spaced, white paper, and black ink, 1 inch margins. Please have a cover page and work cited page at the end. Plagiarism: Any idea/thought that is NOT yours, you must give credit to. Cite within the regulations of APA.