Social science – sociology sociology last assignment

our final assignment for the course,  will follow the basic structure of a “What I Learned” piece in Contexts, a quarterly magazine published by the American Sociological Association. This is not a research assignment. You are not expected to collect data, review literature we haven’t covered in class, or include a formal reference list. Rather, you should apply at least 3 theories or concepts we learned in the class this term to your life in a thoughtful way, discussing specific articles and authors. This means that you must cite specific course resources and articles (about 2-3 citations per written page). The assignment should be written in the first person, describing some aspect of your own life experience through a sociological lens, and may be no longer than 1100 words in length. I’ll recommend the best assignment in the class for publication in Contexts. Pay close attention to your word count: I will automatically deduct a letter grade if you go over the word limit. Since the word limit for this assignment is imposed by the magazine, assignment longer than 1100 words will be ineligible for consideration at Contexts. 4 examples of “What I Learned”  are listed below.


What The Census Taught Me About Myself

I have attached theories down.