Social media marketing phase 2

 The VP of Marketing received your initial SMMP submission and would like you to move forward with the second Phase of the plan. This portion of the iShirt campaign will include Apple’s goals and an analysis of the organization’s strengths and opportunities. Instructions: Phase Two of the social media marketing plan (SMMP) should cover these elements: • Create the Strengths and Opportunities portion of Apple’s SWOT Analysis – The SWOT will help determine how closely the organization is aligned with its growth and success benchmarks. This should include internal and external factors as well as future potential related to Apple. Refer to Figure 4-1 in the textbook for examples. • Campaign goals – Determine and explain what Apple’s goals should be for the iShirt social media campaign. Please include measurable goals supported by credible resources. These goals will guide your SMMP and strategy. Please refer to Chapter 4 in the textbook. ***** This Phase 2 submission will become part of your final project ***** Here are the requirements for the Phase 2 part of your final plan: • Using the Phase Two Worksheet provided in the assignment, create a one-two page paper describing the Phase 2 part of your final plan (plus separate Reference page and SWOT analysis). • Include at least 2 separate credible resources to back up the details of your plan. • This is a business course so spelling, grammar & professional business writing format count. • Refer to the final Social Media Marketing Plan for assignment details and grading rubric.