Soc paper | Social Science homework help

For this paper you need to write a 4-5 page paper, with ¾-1 inch margins, 10-12 inch font, that:

         identifies 2-4 of YOUR master statuses (if you don’t’ remember what this means – please look it up!)

         tells us why you chose the master statuses you have chosen

         Discusses how these master statuses have shaped/effected your experiences in life, you probably want to think about the larger society here – how do these statuses matter in the larger society?

         Draws on sociological concepts (for instance, socialization, structure, institution, roles, role conflict, among many other possibilities) in your discussion.

         Discusses how these identities intersect with each other in shaping your experience (for instance, how does the fact that you are white and gay and male matter – versus if you were another set of statuses) – for this you might want to draw on the articles – particularly the one by Kimberley Crenshaw to discuss this.

         Please use the appropriate citation format .(ASA)

 Make sure you pay attention to

Content – did you answer what we’ve asked you to do?

Writing – do your sentences make sense? Are they complete sentences?

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation – Please use your spell checker and figure out what is spelled wrong and fix it! Use a dictionary if you don’t know if you’ve misspelled a word, or what a word means.