Soc gender lesson2 questions | Sociology homework help


Please review the course materials for this lesson and create one question from each of the following sources (4 questions):

  1. Kaleidoscope, Chapter 2
  2. Lecture 3
  3. Lecture 4
  4. Video: “The Urgency of Intersectionality”

SYD 3804-Question Development (QD) Assignment Handout I.QD ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION AND SAMPLE QUESTIONS:A number of materials (text, films, lectures, etc.) are used in this course to survey a Sociology of Gender. Each of these materials contributes important perspective to an overall understanding of the field. Each of these materials also is required to complete assignments throughout the course. One of the highest demonstrations of learning is the ability to craft a good question about it.1.  You will create one multiple choice question from each resource in each lesson. Within each lesson folder and on the left-hand course menu, you will find the Question Development link.2.  Questions can be of three types:a.   Definition of Key Termsb.  Summary of Key Ideasc.   Critical Thinking/Application Questions3.  You are required to submit at least one of each type of question.4.  Please indicate the correct answer for your question.Examples of each type of question follow:EXAMPLE OF “DEFINITION…” QUESTION1.  Parents, attempting to curb their child’s nonconformity to gender norms, might purchase a doll for their child but not a dress. According to Rahilly, this could be termed:a. gender binaryb. gender literacy*c. gender hedgingd. playing along

EXAMPLE OF “SUMMARY…” QUESTION2. According to Musto, children on the Sharks swim team interacted during practice and competitions but not outside the pool. Which of the following are among the reasons for this self-segregation? (please mark all that apply)*a. sex segregated locker rooms formally marked boys and girls as different as they entered and exited the pool deck.b. the children avoided being in situations where they might be compared to the other sex.*c. the crowded nature of the pool and deck created the risk of heterosexual teasing.*d. there was a lack of structure or rules upon which the children could focus together during unsupervised times.EXAMPLE OF “CRITICAL THINKING…” QUESTION3.Five-year-old Kaley is really happy to be a girl, to wear princess dresses, sing the princess songs, and see all the princess movies. Kaley could be said to be:a. gender variantb. sex normative*c. cisgenderd. transgender


1 photos from kaleidoscope chapter 2

2 lecture 3 in one file

3 lecture 4 in one file

4 this is the video of the urgency of intersectionality