Short answers for mass communication for finale xam

These are 9 short answers for my final exam on mass communication they need to be fuly answered, consise and direct to the point but they must answer correctly each question within the questions.



1.     Do non-profit radio and television in the US rely exclusively on public funding for their operations or do they accept private sponsorships as well? If they do, how can they be labeled public media?


2.     Name and define the movie industry’s three basic economic divisions? How have these divisions evolve through the years?


3.     What contributed to the decline of the ‘network era’? Have the television networks today been sidestepped by other channels? If not, how do they retain their competitive edge?


4.     Has narrowcasting on television solved the problem of consolidation of ownership in that industry? 


5.     What is cultural imperialism? Is it still a valid theory given the distribution of media flows today? Discuss the flaws of this theory.


6.     Should we be concerned about the consolidation of global media flows today? Can smaller countries produce and control their own media?


7.     What do we mean by the information economy and how is that affecting poorer countries? Make sure you discuss the notion of digital divide.


8.      What’s the difference between the cultural approach to media studies and media- effects studies? Has the cultural approach been more convincing in its findings?


9.      Given the dominant role of the mass media in society today, do you think the theories produced by media studies have an impact on changing our media institutions? Or do you think they have no direct effect on the media and their workings?