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Respond two these two secondary posts in 1-2 paragraphs, EACH in your own words. References are not needed. Please include a Turnitin report.


I gained a deeper comprehension of the scientific method, how to formulate research questions, and how to test hypotheses from research methods. Chance to learn new things and learn more about what I already know. Learn essential life skills like time management, professionalism, and how to use online research tools for life and school. Social and ethical research. How you need to be able to identify a problem to resolve it determines what makes an excellent literary review. How can regional analysis be carried out using qualitative and quantitative mixed methods, and how to collect data and make observations?

This class stood out from other non-research courses because it allowed me to complete a creative or research project by using different types of research tools and qualitative and quantitative methods.


This course, while teaching the fundamentals of conducting thorough research, has really stressed the importance of proper APA formatting through citations and references. Prior to this course, I had taken great pride in thinking I was well-versed in APA; at least for the purpose of successfully getting through my Bachelor’s degree that is! Several semesters ago, I disagreed slightly with a professor over a grade on my assignment where I lost a single point for the alleged error in formatting one of my references in APA-7. The situation was very unique, and it bothered me so much in my desire to understand the correct way of doing that particular reference example that I got on and purchased the 7th edition APA manual. Within 10 minutes of having the book in hand, I was able to prove the format method I used as correct, and even though I specifically stated I wasn’t trying to get the point back, I let the professor know of her error only to ensure that other students weren’t penalized for it, and she still gave me the point in return because of how far out of my way I went to find the right answer. But this class has been different!

                Not that I entered the class cocky, but I really didn’t anticipate being corrected on my use of APA. So, when Dr. DiBari corrected me for the first time on a reference format issue, there I went with my nose in the manual to prove him wrong or right. Low and behold, he was correct. In fact, Dr. DiBari has been correct on nearly every APA correction he’s provided me and it makes me that much more confident in my formatting ability. Similar to the nature of the assignments we’ve been working on throughout this course, APA is very technical but it is also organized and formatted in a logical way. When one understands the logic, the format itself flows beautifully. Using this format in my research proposal for this class has really assisted my own ability to apply thought to virtual ink in my assignments.