Scotland music(sma pro only) | Social Science homework help

1.  Find three (3) musicians or bands/groups that are from Scotland.  Not Ireland or England or Wales.  Do some indepth research and pick and artist and a song that “speaks to you”.  I would like to know why you chose that particular song.  Write about how it moved you – how it made you feel, what it was that made it attractive to you.  You will find that if you can find out “why” something is good rather than just thinking that it is good, you will make a deeper connection to whatever it is.  I would like to see minimum 800 words per artist per song.  As I indicated in class, points will be awarded for content, originality, creativity and so on.

2. Choose one (1) song per artist.

3.  Type it on a single sheet per artist using Times New Roman 10 single spaced.

4.  After you decide on the artist and the song, make a copy of the link and send it to the discussions tab on the ilearn site

5.  Absolutely NO Wikepedia material.  Youtube is acceptable for the artists.

6.  In class I started a list – I trust you copied it down.  I was going to add more but on second thought, I decided to leave it up to you to discover someone “just” for you.  You might have luck on – there is a search bar there…  also have a look at  

7.  The songs must be posted by 10 PM on Tuesday May 5th using the discussion tab.  The hard copies must be turned into class on May 6th.

8.  The Three pages of text along with a title page on the top with your name, SID number and the title of your project stapled to it and a separate page with your sources indicated at the back – a total number of 5 pages per assignment must be turned into class on May 6th.  I will not accept anything that is late nor will I accept anything that is emailed.

9.  This is one of my favorite assignments because I have the privelage of listening to your music and getting some insights as to what makes you tick.

10.  Be creative.  Work to expand your horizons.  Remember to “look under the leaf for that special nugget”…