Rock and roll | American history homework help

A. Write a 2-3 page Rock and Roll Intro: Assignment.

Your Task: You need can answer the questions (a paper or in question form).  Please be sure to write in complete sentences and provide examples from the video, to qualify your answers. 

 1. Define Rock and Roll. You will see many artists give some great responses. Jerry Lee Lewis gives an interesting response.  Listen and take notes to what these people are saying and try to take note of especially of the similarities. 

2. How was Muddy Waters an influence for early rockers? 

3. According to the video what was the significance of Buddy Holly?

4. Describe the “Roots of Rock and Roll”.

5. Explain the importance of the record industry.

6. What made Chicago different?

7. What was Bo Diddley’s influence?

8. Why do you think Chuck Berry was such an influential person for Rock and Roll? What was his attraction?

9. Describe Little Richard. What do you know about him? What made him a great performer? Who did the video compare Richard to?

10. What do you think about the significance of Alan Freed? Do you think he deserves some credit for popularity of Rock and Roll?

11. What do you think is the cultural significance of Pat Boone? Did he really give the “kids” what they were looking for in music? Was he a good substitute? What did this little story say about the larger issue of civil rights in our country?

12.  Please take note of the scene in London, where Bill Haley played.  There is a scene with broken chairs. It appears as though the kids are head banging, and in a frenzy state. The narrator says we do not see this type of energy here until 1964 when the Beatles came to America.  What does it mean? Was it an outlet for people to unleash feelings? Does music have this much of an impact? Or is music such a release for people, and people were looking for such an escape?

B. Watch Video, “Rock and Roll Explodes”