Residency weekend | Information Systems homework help


This week we will discuss what you learned from this course and most especially the residency. As I stated at the Residency Weekend, I am very proud of all the hard work you all put into your presentations. Our class basically put together a mini dissertation in a single weekend!  A topic was selected, research was conducted, data was analyzed, visualizations were created, findings were discussed (compared and contrasted), and conclusions were stated based on results. 

What did you learn about yourself during the residency weekend? What was the hardest part of the Residency Weekend? What was your overall experience from the Residency Weekend?

Remember your initial post on the main topic should be posted by Wednesday 11:59 PM (EST). Your 2 following posts should be commenting on your classmates’ post on different days by Sunday 11:59 PM (EST). You should end the week with 3 total discussion posts.

A quality post is more than stating, “I agree with you.” Maybe you should state why you agree with your classmate’s post. Additionally, post some examples or find a related topic on the internet or University’s library and comment on it in the discussion post.