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Research paper writing

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We at TheEssayHive have invested a lot of energy in putting together a pool of expert writers to help you with your research writing. The rating given to them is based on prior customer reviews and their pricing. Therefore, we offer you a chance to get to know your writer and their work before you hire them.

Features of our Research Paper Writing Service

Free Plagiarism Report

To ensure our essays remain plagiarism-free, we use Turnitin on all our works before sending them to our clients. We offer to attach the plagiarism report should our clients request it.

Qualified Writers

We issue grammar and vocabulary tests to all our writers before inducting them into the team. This means we give you a selection of reliable writers who can heed to all your research paper writing needs.


We honor your need for privacy. We guarantee total anonymity for all correspondence between you and our writers.

Safe Payment

All monetary transactions between our clients and us are made through secured gateways. This assures you that your data remains safe when you pay for our research paper writing service.

24/7 Support

Our support team is always online just in case you have a query or an issue that needs our attention. We journey with you throughout the writing of your paper until we send the final product to you.

No extra charges

The initial rate given to you by our writers is a final fee. There are no extra charges for any extra features that are used to make your essay a masterpiece. The price quoted in the beginning is all-inclusive!

Professional Research Paper Writing

TheEssayHive prides itself on having a diverse pool of accomplished writers. Our team has a large variety of experts from MA and Ph. D- level graduates to university professors. Our client return rate averages at 80% affirming our quality service. In whatever discipline your essay may be, be assured of excellent grades. Pick a writer from our assortment of experts, especially one who specializes in the field of your assignment. You could also give them samples of your previous work and they will take up your style in writing your work. Be assured that your work will be one of a kind! Your writer of choice will conduct extensive research on your topic and come up with novel findings for your paper. In case you need a little more convincing about the competence of our writers, find more information on the client feedback section.

Here’s a simple way to order from us;

  • Meticulously go through our catalog of writers to select the one you think best suits your needs.
  • If you’d like work written in your own style and voice, share samples of your previous work with the selected writer.
  • Critical research will be conducted by your writer in order to table original thoughts to you.
  • The thoughts on your writer’s previous work as stated by past clients are available on the feedback section of our website.

High-quality research paper writing service

By design, we have unique capabilities in helping students who require urgent assistance with their tasks in academia. It is our goal that every research paper we write contributes toward improving your GPA, so you can keep soaring academically while remaining focused on personal goals.

We take a keen interest in our customers’ satisfaction and our writers will go to great lengths to satisfy each client. TheEssayHive’s writing team is highly competent and all our writers bring years of experience in essay writing.

Here are a few reasons why TheEssayHive is a reputable research writing service;

  • Product-before-payment-system

We are a premium writing service! We give our clients complete and exclusive access to the content we develop for them so that they can thoroughly scrutinize and approve it before disbursing payment.

  • Any deadline will be met

Punctuality is our rule of thumb. We strive to submit all our orders well before the deadlines given to us. We work with deadlines as tight as six hours and still complete our orders in time!

  • Your online privacy is protected

Our signup process does not require you to give any personal information. You can therefore order your essay writing service anonymously.

  • Customer Support Always Available

Our support team is online 24/7 to ensure that any issues that come up are addressed promptly.

Perks and Guarantees of our Research Paper Writing Service

  • Original papers: All our research papers are one-of-a-kind and are completely comprised of novel arguments and fascinating writing styles. We make use of various plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin to certify that every paper is without plagiarized material.
  • All requirements met: The instructions given to us by the clients are followed to the letter. We also offer flexibility to accommodate eleventh-hour changes and additions. Our writers also continually provide you with drafts to keep you up to date with the progress of your order.
  • Understanding the academic canon: At Theessayhive, we recognize and uphold the academic formatting requirements for any paper. We also understand the requirements for reliable sources in academia and consequent referencing of the same. Every writer and editor within our network works to ensure that work is only submitted to our clients if it meets these standards.
  • Matched writing style: Research paper writing is especially sensitive since in most cases, professors are accustomed to their student writing styles and knowledge levels. Therefore, should you give us samples of your previous essays we will write your essay in a style that is analogous to yours.
  • Free Reviews: We keep insisting that our initial agreed charge is also our only charge. We offer free reviews to all our clients for up to 30 days. Should you be unsatisfied with the work submitted, communicate all your intended changes to your author and they will revise your paper free of charge.
  • Round-the-clock support: Our research paper writing support team is always online to handle any issues or inquiries you may have.
  • Confidentiality: All correspondence between your writer and your remains that way- between your writer and you. There are no third parties who can know about your transactions with us and neither do we store any cookies. Be assured that we will uphold discretion.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: In the case that you are discontented with our essay submission, you can request a refund within 15 days of your order delivery. Talk to our customer support team and your issue will be handled promptly.

Research Paper Writing Process

TheEssayHive maintains a standard research paper writing process that is adhered to by all our writers.

  • Choose or Analyze a Topic: With this, you may have a predetermined topic, or you can have your writer make suggestions for you to pick from, based on their experience in that field. Their suggestion may be due to their prowess in the said topic and their ability to get excellent reference material on the same. They may therefore be able to come up with novel reasoning from content they are acquainted with.
  • Constructing a thesis: Depending on the discussion you had with your writer, and the research finding, your research paper author will develop a thesis that will serve as the basis of your paper.
  • Writing an introduction: As your writer builds up to write your thesis statement, they will have a fascinating introduction that will entice your readers to read on.
  • Research and analysis: Your lack of sources should not worry you. We do not require you to issue reference material for us to write your paper unless you want to. TheEssayHive writers have outstanding research and analysis skills and will acquire all information required to write your research paper.
  • High-Quality Materials: Quality materials refer to up-to-date reliable sources of information. Our writers can acquire these sources including those on paid sites such as JSTOR, where they can excerpt the much-needed information from academic journals.
  • Academic sources: Depending on the criteria given for your specific assignment, TheEssayHive authors produce texts with citations that meet the criteria of your assignment.
  • In-depth Analysis: Acquiring data is essential, but just as much, is making sense of the data. After our writers have all the research data, they perform a scrupulous analysis of the data to understand its significance.
  • The flow of arguments: Clarity, coherence, and simplicity of ideas is a key aspect of writing. In all research papers, we maintain a clear structure, logical flow, and a clear relationship of ideas to the main argument.

How do I pay for my research paper writing?

It is our policy to as our clients to make a deposit before they place an order. This is to establish a serious intent to avoid wasting our writer’s time and resources. However, full payment is only required to be submitted to the writer after their work is complete and in their custody.

Regarding payment, we only collaborate with trusted money transfer partners to ensure the maximum safety of our client’s data. Some of them include Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Paypal.


Research Paper format/ The difference Between Research Papers vs. Term Papers

Research papers and term papers are analogous. Term papers may be regarded as research papers that are submitted at the end of a semester and are a requirement for passing a semester since they account for a substantial share of a student’s grades. Although we are fundamentally a research paper service, we also deliver term papers. Should you need clarity whether your assignment is a term paper or a research paper, below are a few metrics that may be of assistance;

  • The page limit is 10 pages, strictly.
  • Research papers may also be submitted at the end of the academic year.
  • The duration issued for this paper may take months.
  • Research papers have a structured format and contain a hypothesis.
  • Research papers are not a determinant in the issuance of the final grade of your academic year.
  • Research papers purpose to answer a specific subject matter and formulate a hypothesis.

Entrust your Research Paper Work to Professionals

  • Revisions: Revisions rarely happen because, from statistics, 98.5% of our products meet all academic standards. Nevertheless, we offer free revisions to our customers within 15 days of downloading the order. Should the inadequacy persist in revisions, we guarantee a refund.
  • Anonymity: The only currency in our trade is the instructions you give us. No information regarding our clients or their orders is disbursed to third parties. Everything discussed in our proceedings is exclusively between you and your writer.
  • Deadlines: Urgent papers do not sound horrifying to us. Urgency is a frequent concern we get from our clients and we have always delivered. We can work with deadlines anywhere between 6 hours and a few weeks. The only exception we have, however, is that we cannot deliver dissertations overnight.
  • Full Customer control: At theessayhive, the client is our boss. After the purchase of a custom article from us, we provide a platform for customers to stay in touch with their authors and can communicate any eleventh-hour changes through our service, emails, or document comments. We provide order forms to all our clients which they use to furnish us with the rules and requirements of their work before the order.
  • An extensive network of expert writers: We employ only top-notch writers and editors. Our team of seasoned copywriters holds Ph.Ds. and many years of experience combined. We never hire novices. All new hires undergo the test of fire to ascertain their eligibility for our team.

One of the most common requests is “Write my research Paper”

Fundamentally, our service is best suited for students who encounter “Write my research paper for me” requests. TheEssayHives has a specific niche for people who need help with their research work and other assignments. Our expert writers work relentlessly to improve our clients’ GPAs allowing them to invest some time in their other non-academic interests.

We offer unmatched reliability compared to any other writing service. We accord students the luxury of choosing their preferable expert, issuing deadlines and unlimited specifications to ensure their essays are masterpieces. We heed even the most meticulous directives from our customers as we develop a paper full of novel ideas.

TheEssayHive also provides peace of mind to struggling students since we can handle even their seemingly impossible tasks. We are here for both students who struggle with the school-life balance and those who prefer to take time off and delegate tasks to someone else. Improving the GPAs of all our clients is our core cause, and this is what makes use the preferred custom writing service.