Research bibliography assignment on vocabulary

You will write a 4 page, double-spaced annotated bibliography of at least five

peer-reviewed sources on one main topic (e.g., listening, speaking, reading,

writing, grammar, vocabulary is required, or culture). You may focus your research on a

specific topic (e.g., speed reading, listening and technology, U.S. culture versus

Mexican culture, etc.) or use this project as a way to get a broad view of an area.

At least three sources must be longer articles (15-20 pages). The other two

sources can be 10-14 page articles. (See this website for a sample of online

journals: As you read


the articles, don’t forget to highlight important ideas and take notes in the

margins to clarify difficult points for yourself.

 Full citation according to the APA Guidelines must be included. Below

each citation, include a paragraph of 10-12 sentences summarizing the tone and

content of the article. Add another 2-3 sentences specifically describing how this

article relates or may relate to your future teaching situation. Use 1-inch margins.

Select articles that are 10 years old or less and be sure to alphabetize all entries.






The Scoring Rubric

4 pages, double-spaced


5 sources on assigned topic (3 sources from 15-20 page peer-reviewed articles and 2 sources from 10-14 page articles)


Summary (includes comments on tone and content)

Application (includes comments on current or possible relationship to teaching)

English Expression


APA Guidelines