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 When it comes to scholarly journals, the terms peer-reviewed and refereed are interchangeable (Svoboda., 2022). The process of peer-review involves evaluating the ideas and agreements in a manuscript or other work by professionals working in the same field (Dunn & Halonen, 2020). Prior to publication, peer-reviewed/referred journals undergo an extremely critical and rigorous review process by other authors or specialty scholars. This review process ensures that the published content is first evaluated by the author’s peers and reflects a solid scholarship in their fields of study. Although peer-reviewed journals are always scholarly in nature, scholarly journals are not always peer-reviewed. Scholarly journals are research-focused, reporting results of original research and experimentation. They are heavily cited in the form of either footnotes or bibliographies, and written by, and addressed to, experts in a discipline. However, while peer-reviewed journals require strict “peer approval” for publishing, a scholarly journal that is not peer-reviewed only requires the approval of an editorial board (Svoboda., 2022).