Reflection (mk) | Management homework help

How do you feel about developing the emotional qualities of yourself and other people in an organization as a way to be an effective leader?

I am currently working on my emotional qualities. I am a very emotional person and tend to let my emotions get the best of me. I believe that by realizing this about myself I can learn to control them and help me become a better leader and manager in the future. I think that an effective leader can recognize their emotions without letting them take control of the situation they are in. This would be important in relating to the employees. 

Do you agree that people have a capacity for developing their minds and hearts beyond their current competency? Can you give an example?

I do believe that it is possible. I am currently in counseling to learn how to better control my emotions. While I went into counseling with a focus on everyday life, I can not see why the same principles could be applied to the business world. Acknowledging and controlling one’s emotions is a lifelong skill that can help in every aspect of your life. 

What are some specific reasons leaders need to be aware of their mental models?

I think it is important for managers to recognize the mental models because they can heavily influence their ability to intake information and react to it. Personally, I have experienced a manager having a bad day, while we employees did not know exactly what was wrong we could tell that the manager was upset and not having a good day. When another employee came to his with a small mistake they had made my manager exploded on them and ended up making the employee cry. A few days later the manager did apologize for his reaction and stated that he overreacted this was a classic example of how he let his emotions control the situation.

Write 200 words of your reflection on this work? (need to be in first person)