Reflecting on the patterns of adolescent development described in the

 Reflecting on the patterns of adolescent development described in  the readings, how much did your adolescent peer group follow the  developmental patterns you studied?  What aspect of adolescent  development do you think is the most challenging for today’s adolescents  and why?  Be sure to support your writing with references/resources.   Simply giving an opinion is not sufficient.      

Criteria/ 300 Level Forum Rubric

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Initial post


Analyzed the question(s), fact(s), issue(s), etc. and provided well-reasoned and substantive answers.  



Supported  ideas and responses using appropriate examples and references from  texts, professional and/or academic websites, and other references.   (All references must be from professional and/or academic sources.  Websites such as Wikipedia,, and others such as these are NOT  acceptable.)



Post meets the 300 word minimum requirement and is free from spelling/grammar errors