R studio – r language

Clear Explanation of each step is very important.


Section 1: Data Analysis (R Studio – R language – Library: example, mosaic)

Describe the fields of the dataset. (Use the data detail file for assistance)

Create a summary of stats for the dataset.

Discuss the Min, Max, Median, and Mean of the continuous fields.

Discuss the Counts and Percentages of the categorical fields. (ex. Pie Chart)

Discuss any missing data elements and/or issues/concerns with the dataset.

Section 2: Data Visualizations (R Studio – R language – Library:  example, ggplot2)

Graphs: Bar Plot, Box Plot, Scatter Plot, and Histogram

Label: X-Axis, Y-Axis, and Titles

Discuss: Plot, Breakout, Drilldown, and Position (only Bar Plot)

Findings: What story is presented in the visualizations?

Minimum: 3