R-programming – titanic data – due dec 9th 10pm cst


In this exercise, you will be allowed to share with other class members – remember to submit your own powerpoint with your name on it.

1. Analyze the Titanic Data – this is a good reference:

2) Focus on visualizing the effectiveness and method of each algorithm, Compare 5 Machine Learning Algorithms and summarize them in a powerpoint alongwith the code

Logistic Regression: The assumptions were met and the accuracy of the best model is 0.8539

Linear SVM: Scaled some features and gained an accuracy of 0.8764

Non-linear Radial SVM: Scaled some features and secured the highest accuracy of 0.8820

Random Forest: Gained an accuracy of 0.8427 and 10-fold cross validation did not improve the model accuracy

Naive Bayes: Gained an accuracy of 0.8427 which is identical to the Random Forest accuracy.


Solving The Titanic ML Survival Problem Using Random Forest vs Neural Networks on Tensorflow. Which One is Better?


Remember to submit your response as a powerpoint