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A “Rite of Passage”, identifies a period when an individual grasps a different and important alteration in his/her life, approximately all cultures identify and frequently grip rituals for. These rituals are assumed to detect an individual's admission in to the life. My ritual is marriage because it has a great impact on the individual regarding the three phases mentioned in the “Passage of Rite”. Rites of passage show anthropologists what social hierarchies, values and beliefs are important in specific cultures.
The “Rite of Passage” has three different separation phases. The ritual chosen is the separation phase. Lose of identity is usually violent in the nature, its where people tend to separate themselves from others and society for alienation. Marriage is part of that transition that leads people to various stages in their lives. The groom and bride to be do not live together when they are engaged; they live separately until they get officially married. Thus its how that marriage system still holds value towards various culture and religions.
In that phase the person is taken away from the house where he/she no longer stays with the family because they are married, this when the separation phase starts at first. They are forced to adjust to outside traditoins that involves business and trading. This is part of the cultural perspective mentioned in the ”Passage of Rite because they are forced into alienation within the new society because they are not accustomed on the traditions. For example, during the bachelor party, the groom could participate in uncharacteristic events and breakdown of taboos under the influence of various materials such as alcohol.
In addition, the results can be severe because self-her and other experience such as inhering themselves takes place and thus it causes a process where the Peron loses there identity and stop to recognize their surrounding. This only happens if they fail to adapt to the new change or the culture they are currently at. The female partner after the marriage usually have to expose herself to her husband because he is her guardian. For example she can take her headscarf and her veil to him because it is legal in the marriage system, however, she cannot do that in front of any male except her uncles or father. After the celebration of the wedding, the couple’s receive the approval of the attendees and the society as awhile by giving their blessings for the marriage.
To sum it up, the “Passage of Rite” talks about the concept of trying to separate the person from their main environment that hey grew customer at and transfer to an entirely new environment especially with marriage system. Thus the separation process can force the individual to lose their identic and have few hags that can be seen in their behavior and the way they look like.